Sibiliani Mademoiselle Miracle ‘Mira’

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About MIRA

Sibiliani Mademoiselle Miracle - 'MIRA' is our keeper from the first Porcelaine Hound litter from Sibiliani Kennel, born on 14 August 2019.
This litter is only the second ever litter of Porcelaine Hounds born in the U.K., the previous one being back in 2007 and the first ever litter of Porcelaine Hound puppies registered in the Irish Kennel Club.
The Sire of the litter comes from the great Baldoni Kennel of Italy. We will be forever grateful to Luca Baldoni for his trust and support at all times - it is fascinating to learn from such people who have a real passion, whose concern for the breed is first and foremost and always combining honesty and the highest standards - both in dogs and relationships.
Dam of the litter is our Multi Champion, Multi Grand Champion and International Champion C.I. E. (who has also achieved her CACT working tests) - Cello Nova Espera Sibiliani.

Mira was born in a litter of three - herself and her two brothers - BEAU (U.S.A.) and Vasco (ENZO-UK). Since the first day we could observe her fascinatingly happy character - full of enthusiasm, cheer and energy. This loving girl is incredibly brave, a great problem solver and full of invention.

She is typically French looking in type, showing quality in all her structural details. Her head is very typical - pear-shaped, lean and finely sculptured, with good length ears settled nicely below the eye-line, finished with a triangle and well rotated inwards, which is so important in Porcelaine Hounds. Her eyes are very dark displaying intelligence and combined with a sweet expression at the same time. Mira's nose is black with well-opened nostrils and her chest is wide and deep. It is marvellous when physical beauty comes together with a great personality in one dog.

She loves walking in the fields and woods of Surrey where she lives with us and the rest of our pack.


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