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All our dogs are FCI registered.


Please be aware that because we select future matings of our dogs very carefully and the most important aspect for us is quality of health and character, the wait might be quite long. Especially as we don't plan litters every year.

If you are interested in puppies from our kennel - please let us know well in advance.

We also choose the future owners for our puppies very carefully, so please forgive us thousands of questions asked and be prepared for long conversations with us; we are always happy to help in any way once you have a dog from our Kennel. We are here for a life long support.
All our dogs are health checked as we want to be sure that we did everything possible to prevent genetic problems in the future.



We have decided for the first litter of Porcelaine Hounds in our Kennel after over four years of careful study and research of different lines, including visits to the top breeders and seeing Porcelaines working. We are also in touch with highly respected breeders in France and Italy what allows us to learn more and more about this beautiful breed.

All our dogs were always confirmed by the highest awards and titles at many dog shows in Europe. Some of them achieved title of International Champion (C.I.E. and/or C.I.B.) and some of them passed already their working tests (CACT). Those who has not approached their working tests yet are too young for that or are undergoing special training at the moment. Some of our dogs were active hunters in the past ('Nola' Nova Sibiliani & Baldoni Lupo).

Both parents of our litters always will be top dogs, carefully selected to achieve beautiful, healthy and psychologically stable puppies.

If anybody would like to share our passion – we are always happy to share our knowledge and experience.

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Sibiliani Kennel Porcelaine Hounds

Sibiliani Kennel - Porcelaine Hounds

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