8 Spetmeber 2019
Whilst we are busy with Lupo & Cello's puppies (Oh! The cutest little things ever!) "Nola' Nova Sibiliani countinues her European Tour. Today, 8th Sep 2019, she was presented by Kinga Iwaniuk at the 54th National Dog Show in Przemyśl, Poland, where she was qualified 'Excellent' in first place. Nola left the ring with CAC & Best of Breed under the judge Mrs. Katarzyna Gazda.

This is her 7th BOB in just a little over 4 months of shows. 

Yesterday Nola took part in the VII Hunting Festival (VII Dni Kultury Łowieckiej) in Lublin, Poland, where she proudly represented her breed. Visitors to the Hunting Festival were truly interested in the breed and asked many questions about Porcelaine Hounds' hunting skills. We hope that new contacts will bring some effective cooperation in the future and will help Porcelaine Hounds to become more and more popular as working dogs in Poland too.

Also worth mentioning is Nola's participation in National Dog Show in Frankfurt, Germany on 31 August 2019 where Nola was qualified excellent and received CAC.

We have plans to show Nola more later in a year.