20 August 2019
We are over the moon! Our beautiful 'Nola' Nova Sibiliani was qualified excellent 1 in Killarney, Ireland on 20 August 2019. She also gained Best of Breed title and

her first Green Star (CAC) (1/7) on her way to Irish Championship. Thanks to Mr. Robert Harbin (AUS), our judge who valued our girl so highly.

It was great to visit Ireland again - last year at the Munster Circuit our lovely Cello gained five Green Stars which allowed her to finish her Irish Championship in 2018 - in just four months - and made her the first ever Porcelaine Irish Champion. Unfortunately I was not able to show Nola at all Circuit shows this year because of Cello's newborn puppies at home. She has left Ireland already but we will be back as soon as possible!
Massive thanks to Kinga Iwaniuk who handled Nola.