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31 December 2021

2021 was again difficult for many of us and was so different to everything we knew before the pandemic. It affected everybody's life in a different way, including us - some of our

plans and hopes have had to be adjusted to the new circumstances. That said, we are very grateful for where we are today. Most of all we would like to thank all our dear friends from around the world for being with us, sharing your/our happiness and problems, helping us with your great knowledge and always having nice words and advice - we are here for you at any time too. For us - people, friendship, mutual trust and loyality are worth more than anything in the world. Thank you very much for all of these!

In Novemebr 2021 we lost our beloved and irreplaceable LeeLoo, the Bavarian Mountain Hound. LeeLoo spent 14 years and 6 months of her life with us, being a wonderful Nanny to all of our dogs and all of the puppies born in our kennel. She is and always will be dearly missed by all of us in Sibiliani Kennel, including all our dogs. A great personality in a little body... this is how we will always remember our Lady LeeLoo.

Worldwide restrictions, lockdowns and the quickly changing pandemic situation meant that we were not able to travel as often as we planned, including to dog shows, though we still managed to visit a few countries and gained a few new titles including the FCI International Champion titles for our two stars - Baldoni LUPO and NOLA Nova Sibiliani. Both of them are now FCI Champion International d'Exposition (C.I.E.) and Champion International de Beaute (C.I.B.).
Our amazing couple - LUPO and NOLA -  also honoured us with eight beautiful, strong and healthy puppies who arrived in the world yesterday, 30 December 2021*. A litter of Porcelaine Hounds is always a big thing for us - this litter was born into the world with the great help of our friends from the Onychinus Kennel - Kinga, Miloś, Agnieszka & family - thank you so much!  

Briefly in numbers, Sibiliani Kennel finishes 2021 as follows:

- 4 new beautiful hounds - 1 handsome Ariegeois Hound LANCEUR de l'Oree des Ginestes bred by Michel Armengaud (FR);  LANCEUR won Exposition National d'Elevage in France in 2018 gaining an excellent note with 1st placement, CACS and the title Best of Breed (Milleur de Race). Having LANCEUR with us is not only a great pleasure because of his beauty, great personality and fantastic achievments, but most of all it is an honour for us to be entrusted with such a perfect specimen of the breed. We were also honoured to add to our kennel 2 beautiful Porcelaine Hounds from the great Baldoni Kennel (IT) - thank you Luca & Sabrina! - the handsome RINGO and our little princess SARA who just won the European Puppy Winner title at the European Dog Show in Hungary. The 4th addition in 2021 is NELSON du Pays de Voconces, the Porcelaine Hound - an amazing specimen of the breed from a great historic kennel bred by Nicholas Veyret, Vincent Lebret & Jonathan Giachini (FR). 

- 4x International Champion titles (2x C.I.E., 2x C.I.B.)

- 1x litter of 8 healthy, strong and beautiful Porcelaine Hound puppies - 4 males and 4 females*

- 6x National Championships

- 3x National Grand Championships

- 1x CACT 

- 9x CACIB, 11x CAC, 8x BOB, 4x BOS, 11x Excellent note, 1x Best of Group I, 1x Best of Group 2

Happy New Year 2022 everybody from all of us in Sibiliani Kennel!
Wishing us all peaceful and healthier days... with lots of love and prosperity!

* all puppies are reserved

Sibiliani Kennel Porcelaine Hounds

Sibiliani Kennel - Porcelaine Hounds

Pat Joynson, Surrey, U.K.

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