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IJsselshow 2019 in Zwolle, Holland

IJsselshow 2019 in Zwolle, Holland

6 April 2019

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB were gained by CELLO Nova Espera Sibiliani, in Zwolle, Holland at the IJsselshow 2019. We were delighted to read this great description by Judge Hans Boelaars (NL): 'Great female of excellent type. Pretty cheerful character. Excellent head, beautiful ear and correct teeth. Angle front and

rear leg, good legs and feet. Shows an elastic movement.' The sentence 'Pretty cheerful character' made us extremely happy. This is who our Cello is - just one happy dog! Cello was handled by Edwin Lenaerts.

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Sibiliani Kennel Porcelaine Hounds

Sibiliani Kennel - Porcelaine Hounds

Pat Joynson, Surrey, U.K.

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