23 Decemeber 2019

Porcelaine Hound NOLA Nova Sibiliani is proudly finishing 2019 with one more championship - last weekend (20-22 December 2019) Nola finished the championship of Lithuania, where she was presented by Kinga Iwaniuk

at three International Dog Shows in Vilnius.

This year was very exciting for us and Nola - our gentle soul started her show career in the country of origin of the breed - France, in Cavalier at the National Dog Show, where she was qualified excellent. Her beautiful French type was confirmed with excellent notes in France 3 times this year; one of the notes Nola gained was at the most important show for Porcleaine Hounds - the National Show in Moulins in July. Nola was qualified 'excellent' under one of the best breed specialists, Mr Patrick Lafon.

Beside France, Nola was also shown this year in Ireland (2x Green Star), Romania (Championship & Grand Championship), Hungary, Poland, Germany, Austria and Denmark.
This year Nola gianed in total:
- 2x Championship (Lithuania, Romania)
- 1x Grand Championship (Romania),
- German Winner 2019
- CACIB x 13
- CAC x 23
- BOB x 11
- BOS x 1
- Excellent x 26

We are very proud of Nola, as her first 18 months of life she spent living and hunting in a Porcelaine pack in the South of France - shows were not something she was bred and prepared for. At the beginning Nola was shy, but slowly got used to learning various new tasks and finally achieved great resulats. We are looking forward to the New Year as we have many plans concerning Nola, not only focused on dog shows.