15 June 2021

So much is going on that we have been slightly delayed with the latest report updating on all the news from our Sibiliani Kennel!  Our website still needs some more updates but .... here we are - perhaps the most exiciting news - WE HAVE AN ARIEGEOIS! We are absolutely over the moon!
Ariegeois is a breed which we have admired for quite a long time now and always dreamed about one (at least), especially

after we met a few beautiful packs during our visits to France and Italy. Finally the day has come and handsome Lanceur de l'Oree des Ginestes has arrived. What a hound he is! Incredibly friendly, brave, always happy to meet new dogs and people. Lanceur is an absolutely exceptional specimen of the breed. He was trained and actively hunted deer in France and Italy. At the same time Lanceur was presented at quite a few shows (below), always with at least excellent notes. Among Lanceur's achievments worth mentioning in particular, is his win in the Exposition Nationale d'Elevage in Lauzerte, under judge Mr Alain Mazie - Meuilleur de Race (Best of Breed). There is no bigger achievment for a dog than such a winning in a breed club show in the country of origin of the breed.

This exceptional male was bred in France by Michel Armengaud.

After a short break, Lanceur is coming back to the European show rings.

It is a great honour for us to share our life with such a marvelous hound and a great privilage to present him in the ring.

Lanceur is co-owned by Sibiliani Kennel & Luca Baldoni (Italy). 

Please welcome our new fantastic hound.

List of Lanceur's achievments:

  • 15/04/2017 - Exposition Canine Internationale in Pau, France; classification: 3 EXCELLENT, Conformité Standard International - Spéciale de Race Ouverte (open class), Judge: Mr Lionel Callegarin
  • 25/06/2017 - Exposition Nationale d'Elevage in Mazeres, France; classification: EXCELLENT, Conformité Standard Nationale d'Elevage Ouverte (open class), Judge: Mr Eric Cousinie
  • 25/03/2018 - Exposition Canine Nationale in Castres, France; classification: 2 EXCELLENT, RCACS, Conformité Standard Nationale Ouverte (open class , Judge: Mr Jean-Paul Kerihuel
  • 20/05/2018 - Exposition Regionale d'Elevage in Lezignan Corbiere, France; classification: 1 EXCELLENT, Conformité Standard Régionale d'élevage Ouverte (open class), Judge: Mr Antoine Ramirez
  • 07/07/2018 - Exposition Nationale d'Elevage in Lauzerte, France; classification: 1 EXCELLENT CACS MEILLEUR DE RACE, Conformité Standard Nationale d'Elevage Ouverte (open class), Judge: Mr Alain Mazet