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Sibiliani Porcelaine Puppies - LUPO x NOLA litter

Sibiliani Porcelaine Puppies - LUPO x NOLA litter

27 June 2022

We would love to say 'thank you' to all the fantastic owners of our puppies, this time especially to the owners of Sibiliani puppies from the Baldoni LUPO x NOLA Nova Sibiliani litter. Your love and care for your puppies makes

our hearts grow. Seeing them cheerful in your homes, trained for work with you or shown in the ring always makes us happy and assures us that our love for the breed is growing and spreading. It is a great pleasure to share our passion with you.

All of the puppies are placed in great homes in six different countries on three different continents. All of them are little history makers!
One of the pups is going to live in Australia with her marvellous owners. She is going to be the first ever Porcelaine Hound registered with the Australian Kennel Club. She will be leaving for Australia as soon as she has completed all the necessary processes and paperwork. Saskia will not only be a family pet but is already a show dog - she was successfully shown at the World Dog Show in Madrid, Spain, 23-26 June 2022. She is also going to be a hunter in her spare time.
Another two of our puppies are the first Porcelaine Hounds registered with the Serbian Kennel Club. Both of them are going to be family pets, show dogs and hunters.
Ireland is another country where a puppy of ours is making history - Spice is the first male Porcelaine registered with the Irish Kennel Club who is resident in Ireland. I bet that he is going to be spoiled rotten in a while! Last weekend he successfully started his show career and we cannot wait to follow him in the show ring!
Another two of our puppies live in Wales. One of them is already a totally spoiled family dog whilst the other one is not only a spoiled cutie, but also will be presenting herself in a show ring very soon.
Snow starts the history of Sibiliani puppies in Germany. She lives with her lovely family where she is a family dog, among other dogs in a pack, but is also being trained to hunt. We are excited to see Snow in a show ring very soon too!
Following the tradition of our litters, one of the pups has gone to the USA, where he is a family dog and also was introduced to tracking game from the moment he arrived at his new home. No doubt this boy is going to follow in his father's footsteps!

So... once again - a big thank you to you all!

We are looking forward to expanding the Sibiliani Porcelaine Hounds family!

Sibiliani Kennel Porcelaine Hounds

Sibiliani Kennel - Porcelaine Hounds

Pat Joynson, Surrey, U.K.

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