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Sibiliani Trillium of Oak Hill 'BEAU' - BOBx2 in USA!

Sibiliani Trillium of Oak Hill 'BEAU' - BOBx2 in USA!

30 March 2020
Porcelaine Hound 'Beau', born in Sibiliani Kennel (Baldoni LUPO x CELLO Nova Espera Sibiliani) took part in two AKC shows in March 2020 (USA). This handsome male was rewarded with Best of Breed title on both occasions!

Huge congratulations to his owners Cynthia and Olsie, from Oak Hill Kennel (NC, USA) as well as to Laura who is a co-owner of Beau and handles him at shows. It is a great joy for us to see that puppies from our Kennel are in such good hands and have done so well at such a young age. At the time of winning Beau was just 7 months old.
Massive thanks to Beau's owners for their love and care! The best of luck for the future! 
Photo credits: B.C.

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