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Baldoni Sara

About Sara

Lovely little SARA conquered our hearts from the very first moment with her cheerful and loving nature. There is no creature in the world who Sara does not love. She is so optimistic, always happy to make new friends and play with her old and new pals.

SARA comes from the famous Baldoni Kennel of Luca Baldoni in Italy. Both her parents - sire Baldoni MAMBO and dam Baldoni MIA were bred by Luca and come from the best hare lines. It is a great honour for us to be able to establish our lines of Porcelaine Hounds on the best specimens of the breed.

Correctly built, with a characteristic pear-shaped head and properly set ears, dark eyes and good pigmentation, Sara is a perfect expression of the beauty of her ancestors. She is 53 cm tall, which is the best size for Porcelaine females.

SARA started her show career as a puppy at the European Dog Show in Hungary in Decemeber 2021 winning the title of Winner Minor Puppy under Mr Zeferino Jose Carlos Silva (PTG).

We are looking forward to see SARA's future in our kennel, as well as in the show world!

Sara’s Achievements


- European Dog Show, Budapest, Hungary 
29 December 2021,
Minor Puppy Class, judge: Mr Zeferino Jose Cardoso Silva (PTG) 
very promissing 1, Winner Minor Puppy


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