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Baldoni Ringo

Sibiliani Mademoiselle Miracle ‘Mira’

About Ringo

Baldoni Ringo arrived to us from the famous Baldoni Kennel in Italy. He continues the best old lines of the Porcelaine breed as both his parents - sire Looping du Pays de la Burle and dam Baldoni Hula - are great specimens of the breed coming from French and Italian lines.

From the beginning Ringo presented himself as a real gentleman, showing his kind character and intelligence, with these features allowing him to smoothly transition and start adjusting to his new way of life very quickly.

Ringo is still growing physically, but even now we are really thrilled as the new star is developing in our kennel; his perfect structure, pear-shaped head, nicely set long ears and correct pigmentation show that he is a heir of the best from his ancestors.

Ringo is one more important reason for us to be forever grateful to his breeders - Luca and Sabrina, for their support and sharing with us their knowledge about the breed and its history. Without their help our dream of having a little pack of good specimens of the breed could not come true. We hope that our efforts will make the Baldoni Kennel owners proud.

We are looking forward for the future.... exciting times ahead!


Looping du Pays dela Burle (FR) Hugo (FR) Titeuf (FR) Strauss (FR)
Heika de Requlat (FR)
Candy (FR)  Romeo (FR)
Saga (FR)
Fiona (FR) Caid (FR) Ugo (FR)
Bagera (FR)
Cyrene (FR) Theophane (FR)
Vicky du Domaine de la Jaliniere (FR)
Baldoni  Hula(IT) Baldoni Brez (IT) Baldoni Sharon (IT) Nepal des Dianes de Montfaucon (FR)
Mine de la Pointe de Montchaud (FR)
Baldoni Rubis (IT) Oscar del Fuoco (IT)
Olga (IT)
Baldoni Fosca (IT) Baldoni Casper (IT) Vincio (IT)
Rubis (IT)
Baldoni Rose (IT) Oscar del Fuoco (IT)
Olga (IT)
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