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Nelson du Pays des Voconces

Sibiliani Mademoiselle Miracle ‘Mira’

About Nelson

This handsome male joined our Sibiliani Kennel in 2021. He comes from the best French hare lines. His breeders have many years of experience in breeding pure Porcelaines. It was a great pleaseure for us to welcome NELSON into our kennel.

NELSON is an excellent specimen of his breed. He is not only perfectly built but also of a fantastic - stable and calm - character, which makes him not only an ideal member of our pack but also a good partner for other dogs who need some training or socialisation. He has already helped a few dogs to become nicely socialised citizens!

NELSON's size is ideal according to the FCI Porcelaine standard (no. 31), as is his pigmentation and his beautifully proportional Porcelaine head with correctly settled charcteristic ears of a proper length.

We are proud that NELSON is a member of our pack, and a strong specimen for our breeding programme.

Nelson’s Achievements


Champion of Serbia

CACT- Working Certificate


 Dani de Terrier Bas (FR) Baron de l'Echo de la Petite Foret (FR) Sous-Bois (FR)  (FR)
Prisca (FR) Igor du Terrier Bas (FR)
Lavandiere (FR)
Vic du Terrier Bas (FR) Sirus (FR) Oural (FR)
Lina (FR)
Tania (FR) Ringo (IT)
Mina de la Pointe de Montchaud (IT)
Holie du Pays des Voconces (FR) Vercors du Rang de Perrelier (FR) Tim (FR) Nelson du Pays des Voconces (FR)
Puce (FR)
Robie (IT) Nelson du Pays des Voconces (FR)
Mascotte  (FR)
Daya (FR) Vercors du Rang de Perrelier (FR) Tim (FR)
Robie (FR)
Roxane I (FR) Heros de Coteaux des Petits Maurices (FR)
Java (FR)
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