NELSON du Pays des Voconces

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NELSON joined our kennel as a fully developed male at the age of 3. We were impressed with his presence from the very first moment. He came from a hunting kennel and needed a while to settle into a new place and new style of life. Every moment of this process was worth all the patience, because NELSON today is a fantastic "sofa-lion", but also a very active dog in the fields. He is a super cheerful guy living his best life with our pack in the fields of Surrey. He goes along perfectly well with all our dogs, as well as other dogs he meets. He is very stable, calm, curious and open which makes him a good partner to help other dogs who are shy or need some support.  

NELSON's exceptional origin is visible in his presence - very distinguished, very French looking and showing top quality in all of his structure. Beautiful noble head of a proper shape, well developed very black nose with well opened nostrils, long muzzle ending slightly arched. His ears are leather thin, well curled inwards, set narrow, ending in a point and of a length till the end of the truffle. Nice and long neck, good chest of a proper depth, well attached strong tail thinning at the tip alwasy carried slightly curved. His movemet is light and gay, even when he is tired after a long lasting gallop in the fields.

NELSON is 55 cm tall and weights 25 kg.

NELSON sired a litter of three Porcelaine Hound puppies born in our Sibiliani Kennel. The dam of the litter was Baldoni Sara.
Sibiliani Unique POPPY (U.S.A.)
Sibiliani UGO (U.K.)
Sibiliani URIEL (U.K.)



Champion of Serbia

CACT - Working Certificate




DANI du Terrier Bas BARON de l'Echo de la Petit Foret SOUS-BOIS (FR) titre initial  
PRISCA (FR) IGOR du Terrier Bas
VIC du Terrier Bas SIRUS OURAL
MINA de la Pointe de Mountchaud
HOLIE du Pays des Voconces VERCORS du Rang de Perrelier TIM NELSON du Pays des Voconces
ROBIE NELSON du Pays des Voconces
DAYA VERCORS du Rang de Perrelier TIM
ROXANE I HEROS des Coteaux des Petits


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