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Baldoni Sifi Shiloh

About Shiloh

Baldoni Sifi SHILOH is the sweetest girl ever! 
From the first moment SHILOH fit into our pack like she has always lived nowhere else. 


 Baldoni Mambo (IT) Dante (IT) Balivo (FR) Ulysse (FR)
Sologne (FR)
Titti (IT) Dik (IT)
Orca (IT)
Baldoni Hengy (IT) Brez (IT) Sharon (IT)
Rubis (IT)
Baldoni Fosca (IT) Baldoni Casper (IT)
Ros  (IT)
Baldoni Mia (IT) Billy  (IT) Sharon (IT) Nepal des Dianes de Montfaucon (FR)
Mina de la Pointe  du Montchaud (IT)
Rubis (IT) Oscar Del Fuoco (IT)
Olga (IT)
Furia (IT) Varenne (IT) Osvaldo (IT)
Mara (IT)
Alfa (IT) Argho (IT)
Nilla (IT)
Sibiliani Kennel Porcelaine Hounds

Sibiliani Kennel - Porcelaine Hounds

Pat Joynson, Surrey, U.K.

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